of our nation's teachers are black men

Take a stand if you believe two percent isn't enough.

I pledge to stand with Dream. Rise. Do. and do my part to get more black men teaching in our classrooms.

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Candace, Washington, DC Black men in the classroom offer a perspective and represent a role model that is rarely experienced by boys of color in a school setting. They also bring a valuable voice to issues such as school climate, discipline policy and classroom management. When diverse perspectives inform a conversation, everyone benefits.
Stephan, Sacramento, CA I am a lifelong educator. I have taught and now I am in administration. I was just searching for grants to get money to go to Universities and do presentations to urge more black men to come into teaching!
Terry, Detroit, MI I aspire to be a teacher in the future. I respect all educators with a passion to wanna impact lives of all children even at a critical time such as this. God bless u.
Rebekah, Cary, NC Everyone, no matter what color their skin is, needs to see every race, gender, economic status represented in leadership positions, especially in the classroom. That's where our children not only learn book knowledge, but social skills as well. They need to see the equality of every person represented in those who teach them.

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The dream of equality for all begins with equality in the classroom.

Why are exceptional educators of all races needed in our schools?

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Recruiting and Preparing Minority Teachers in Urban Schools
Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 6:30am EST
For more information:
Kristen Moore at kristen.moore@ed.gov

Join the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and Teach.org to discuss diversity within the teacher workforce. This discussion will bring together educators to enhance the preparation and practice of teaching in culturally sensitive environments supporting educational excellence for all students.

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