of our nation's teachers are black men

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Aaron, Cleveland, OH
Kristen, Nashville, TN While I acknowledge that impact extends beyond racial boundaries, I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge how powerful the presence of male educators - specifically black male educators - is on our youth today. I believe that the education system should be as inclusive as possible, and incorporate many of the aspects of daily life that we aspire for our students to experience. To be deficient in the number of black male teachers in our school system is to effectively leave out a perspective, a voice, and a model for our students to imitate and learn from. And with the growing focus on black male youth outcomes, and the plethora of statistics that paint a devastating picture of our youth and their futures, it is only necessary that positive black male influences be present to counter the stereotypes and show these youth the way so as not to perpetuate those stereotypes. The statistics are endless, but one helps to expose the positivity that would inevitably come from increasing the presence of black male teachers - currently, in all but 11 states, most black children do not live with both parents, and of these, most have an absent father. This is startlingly eye-opening, especially when combing through how trends in delinquency, school performance, behavior, and self-perception stack up to this statistic. From my observations and personal experiences, the presence of a black male teacher is transformational for many of these youth. Additionally, the black male teacher perspective is not one that should be confined to the classrooms of just black students, but should be shared with students of all races, for I believe that this is a voice and a talent that has been largely unheard and untapped, and until our nation places special attention upon the potential of the black male teacher in our school system, it will continue to suffer from a devastating deficiency in thought, outcomes, and impact.
Vanda, Suffolk, VA I have boys of color.
jnana, Duluth, MN much to share, many talents and insights that young people need access to, yes we need more teachers of color

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