of our nation's teachers are black men

Take a stand if you believe two percent isn't enough.

I pledge to stand with Dream. Rise. Do. and do my part to get more black men teaching in our classrooms.

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Delgodeo, Charlotte, NC I'm trying to become a teacher. I worked for Charlotte-Mecklenburg School After school Department. While working for CMS I saw that there wasn't any black male teachers there. These young boys need to see a black male teachers in these classroom because I feel that if there was more black male teachers there will be more African American boys graduation from high school and less drop-outs. Been a Africa American male I feel that black male teachers can be a role model to our Africa American boys.
Willie, Grand Rapids, MI I am a student & I am a father of sons. I review the statics comparing the number of black men in college versus the number of black men incarcerated. I am not happy.
Ellen, Saint Ann, MO
Demetria, Cincinnati, OH

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