of our nation's teachers are black men

Take a stand if you believe two percent isn't enough.

I pledge to stand with Dream. Rise. Do. and do my part to get more black men teaching in our classrooms.

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S, San Francisco, CA
Mike, Clark, NJ
Jessica, New Orleans, LA Men are the builders and rocks of our communities. They were created from nothing to go into nothingness and make life. So if men have a great call by their gender, what can we say of the call for the man who is black? I support!
Thomasc, Brooklyn, NY This is important to me, because I strongly believe in "universality" in the class room. I believe that black men should be seen as role models in the class room just like any other race and in reasonable proportion. I believe that ALL students, not just black students benefit from interacting with and having examples of positive and educated black men, and as many other "racial varieties," so that tolerating differences becomes "more natural" than rejecting them.

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