The State of Education in the Black Community

In celebration of Black History Month this call will highlight education – in and out of the classroom - as the foundation of the recent events in the community, for all Americans, and how this shapes the black experience. Host, Tomeka Hart, VP of Programs for The Southern Education Foundation in Atlanta, will highlight the events of this past year and how they’ve impacted our students, regardless of race. Learn how you can help challenge educational inequity and address these issues with Teach For America.

I Am My Brother: Black Leadership Summit - Washington, DC

Through the Black Male Initiative at Teach For America in partnership with Corps Members, Alumni, regions, internal and external stakeholders, we will recruit, retain, and position more Black men to address the disproportionate impact of educational inequity by inspiring, empowering, and propelling them to engage in meaningful ways, most noticeably as teachers and leaders in the educational landscape.

Through dynamic activities, site visits and speaker panel engagements, we aspire to meaningfully engage with Black Males in DC Area colleges to build community, knowledge and skills around the challenges facing our community and the leadership role that we are uniquely positioned to play individually and collectively. Through the lens of education, we intend to interrogate our own trajectories and identities, our collective relationship to the national and DC education system and equip ourselves to address the issue in the short and long term.

Choose Your Legacy

Black men make up just two percent of our country’s teaching workforce, meaning most students will encounter few, if any, black male teachers in their lifetimes.

Students, schools, and the system are missing out on more than just educators. Because “teacher” doesn’t begin to define the roles black men can play in the classroom.

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